Youth Fellowship

YPF is a Christian youth group that meets on the last Saturday of every month. We get a rough number of 20 children ages 10 plus. Each month, the children meet either at the church where we play games, do crafts and other activities or we meet elsewhere and do activities such as going to trampoline parks, bowling, the Snowdome and much more. Every week the children listen to an epilogue which is given by one of the 5 leaders. This gives them the opportunity to hear God’s word and apply it to their lives. YPF is a fun environment for the children to make friends whilst getting to know the Lord. 

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Upcoming Events

19th November 2019
  • 19
    6:15 pm

    Girls Brigade

20th November 2019
  • 20
    7:30 pm

    Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

22nd November 2019
  • 22
    6:00 pm

    Boys Brigade

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