I came to England thirty-seven years ago from St. Vincent in the Caribbean to study nursing.  I attended the Anglican Church where I was christened and confirmed.  Although as a child and young woman I attended church, Sunday School and Bible Class, I was always felt there was something missing in my life.  I married Paul thirty-five years ago in this country and raised our two children, Arlene and Eric.  Despite having a comprehensive religious upbringing, events and especially the premature death of my mum on her way to church left me doubting all I had learnt.  A devout Christian friend gave me spiritual guidance at the time and during one of my low periods, she suggested that I attend a service in Melbourne Hall.

Three years ago, I began to attend whenever my nursing shifts allowed.  I had heard much in the past but now I was really listening to Pastor Bassett’s teaching.  My family noticed the difference in me as my life began to change, and they encouraged me to continue attending.  I felt more contented and peaceful in my life and the teachings of the Bible became clearer.  I still have my low periods but I receive comfort from God’s word and from attending church.  I find the balance of the ministry of both pastors very helpful.  I often leave the church thinking ‘Yes’!


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